The Invasion Has Begun…Monsters from the Midwest!

SOLEM for Chicago Design Museum Silent Auction

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I painted this 1/1 SOLEM for a silent auction at the Opening Reception for a cool new project, the Chicago Design Museum. The opening is Monday, June 11, 7-10pm. More Info

If you’re not familiar with SOLEM, that stands for Single Optic Lake Effect Monster…a figure designed by Chicago artist Joey Potts and sculpted by Chris Ryniak. We’ve only done one regular painted release of this figure to date, but more are in the works!

Mud Puddle Snybora

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April showers may mean May flowers, but to us the real joy of April is the chance to stomp and splash in the inevitable mud puddles…that’s where the real fun is! The Mud Puddle Snybora is tan vinyl painted with a burnt sienna rub and dark brown sprays and has a matte finish with glossy eyes. Available Friday, April 27 at 11am central time here.

Year of the Dragon Snybora

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2012 might be the year that it all comes to an end if you ask your conspiracy-minded friends (hey, those Mayans had to have a good reason to end their calendar, right?)…but on the Chinese calendar it’s the Year of the Dragon!

The Year of the Dragon Snybora is black vinyl painted in tasteful red, gold and black with a slightly matte finish and glossy black eyes.

This release will be available at online at on Friday, March 2nd at 11am central time for $35.

Figure design and sculpt by Chris Ryniak with paint by Joe Somers (Squibbles Ink) and Kirby Kerr (Rotofugi). Please note, each figure is handpainted and will vary slightly from the image shown above. Thanks!

Snybora is Back!

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We first debuted the Snybora, the first mini figure in our Lake Monster line, at last year’s SDCC. Then it vanished into thin air while we worked to improve the figure. Snybora, designed and sculpted by Chris Ryniak, is now making it’s grand re-emergence!

The first version (on the right in the above photo) will be officially nicknamed “Naked Mole Rat” and will be available at the Triple Crown Yo-Yo Midwest Classic After-Party we’re holding at the store on Saturday, July 16, 6-8 pm. It will be priced at $30 plus tax.

The second version (on the left), nicknamed “Baby Mossback” will be available at our booth at San Diego Comic-Con for $33 (tax included). Both versions are on the same light pink soft vinyl and stand 3.75 inches tall. There are more images of each after the jump, just click the “Read the rest…” link below.

That’s it for today…even more info to come! To view all of our posts about SDCC so far, click here.

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KFHC Monster Raffle Glow Snybora

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The Lake Monsters Glow Snybora Test Shot

The good folks at KFHC are having a Monster Raffle, with all proceeds going to Japan Red Cross. We’ve donated a sample glow test shot of Snybora, designed and sculpted by Chris Ryniak.

This particular piece is Japanese vinyl pulled as a test shot before we decided to re-do the Snybora mold to make the neck joint better (more on that later). She’s unpainted and glows like nobody’s business.

Raffle Tickets are a mere $5 each, more info over at KFHC!

Rainbow Sorbet

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Today’s the release day for the newest Big Muscamoot…now officially named “Rainbow Sorbet.” We have them in store at Rotofugi in Chicago, plus we’ll have an online release later this afternoon…follow @rotofugi or @thelakemonsters on Twitter to get news of the drop!

$60 each, limit one per customer. Figure design and sculpt by Chris Ryniak. Paint design and execution by Joe Somers and Kirby Kerr of Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi.

Springtime is in the Air!

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Spring has finally arrived…actually, it’s felt more like summer the last couple days in Chicago, but I digress.

The flowers are all abloom and we’ve been inspired to create a new version of the Big Muscamoot. Pink vinyl with purple, orange, yellow and green paint hues to match nature’s bounty on her best day make the Spring 2011 ‘Moot really pop!

The Spring 2011 Big Muscamoot will be available Thursday, May 19th at (a specific time WILL NOT be announced, follow our Twitter feed for the quickest notification when they go up) and also in store at our Chicago location that same day when we open at 11am.

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Big Muscamoot Charity Auction for Japan

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Over the years we’ve had the good fortune to get to know a lot of Japanese artists and toymakers. They are the ones who inspired us to do our “Lake Monsters” project to create monster toys in the “kaiju” style. We’ve been in touch with all of our friends in Japan, and luckily, everyone we’re personally acquainted with is ok, but with Japan currently suffering the after effects of a large earthquake and tsunami, we wanted to make a small token of appreciation and hopefully help out a little.

These handpainted figures are strictly limited one off figures painted in the United States by Squibbles Ink’s Joe Somers and Rotofugi’s Kirby Kerr. The vinyl figure is from our “Lake Monsters” series and was designed and sculpted by noted artist Chris Ryniak.

The figures are listed on eBay here. 100% of the proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund operated by Thanks in advance for your generous bids, or if you’re not into Big Muscamoots, please donate direct!

Finally, we wanted to mention another great opportunity for toy lovers to give to the Japan relief effort….the “Kaiju for Japan” sales being organized by artist Troy Stith will be donating all proceeds of their sales to the Red Cross. Visit his site for more details.

Lake Monsters SDCC 2010

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The Lake Monsters will be hitting hard at SDCC 2010….Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi Booth #4836.

Big Muscamoot by Chris Ryniak
Fathom Version

Dredge by Brian Morris
Trapped Under Ice Version (Glow in the Dark)

SOLEM by Joey Potts
Debut Version

Mini Snybora by Chris Ryniak
Debut Version

C2E2 Part Two

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Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi booth at C2E2 this past weekend and got a Lake Monster! We had a great time and really enjoyed meeting some LM fans!

For those of you that couldn’t make it, we’ve got a few pieces each of the Dredge and Big Muscamoot releases left….they’ll be available in store at our Chicago location this coming Friday (April 23) at Noon when we open, and on our online store at 2PM Central Time (same day). Good luck!